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The Vermont Vegetarian Society is a non-sectarian, non-partisan, all-volunteer educational organization providing information about vegetarianism and practical experiences with vegetarian food.

The VVS has been promoting healthy, humane, earth-friendly eating since 1989. We distribute literature on vegetarianism and hold potlucks and other events where people can enjoy vegetarian food and socialize with others who are interested in vegetarianism. We also offer for sale a small selection of excellent vegetarian cookbooks not readily available in bookstores.

You do not have to be a vegetarian to be a member, to attend our events, or to be on our mailing list. The VVS is a non-profit corporation registered in Vermont.

Vegetarian Dining in Vermont

Wondering where to find a vegetarian restaurant in Vermont? Check out our online Restaurant Guide, where VVS participants share their discoveries about restaurant offerings in the Green Mountain State.

Food for Thought

Just getting started? Have questions about nutrition, vegetarian cooking, how your food choices affect animals and the environment? Check out the VVS's Online Library.

Vegetarian Recipes

If you've been searching for the Ultimate Vegan Pizza, your quest may end right here. Add your favorite toppings, finish it off with a creamy vegan "cheeze", and maybe you'll open your own pizzeria! Want more recipes? Check the Archives.

Resources Online and in Print

Looking for more information? Visit out list of Books and Web Sites to find additional resources.

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