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Vegetarian Restaurants and Dining in Vermont

1500 vegetarian restaurants on

  • Blue Ben Diner ,
    Variety of vegetarian offerings surpasses that of many restaurants that are exclusively vegetarian. The veg chili and the veggie burgers come highly recommended; many of the vegetarian dishes (such as the chili) can be made vegan upon request.
  • Main Street Diner 24 Main St, 802-453-2299
    One or two vegan options on standard menu; often have vegan specials. “Great tasting food prepared healthily.”
  • Mary's at Baldwin Creek Route 116 North, 802-453-2432
    Many vegetarian and vegan meals.
  • Daily Planet 15 Center St, 802-862-9647
    Pastas, stir-fries, appetizers. Will cook something special. Vegan options available.
  • Five Spice Cafe 175 Church St, 802-864-4045
    Many vegetarian and vegan choices on menu; tofu, tempeh, and seitan can be substituted for meat in several other menu items.
  • India House 207 Colchester Ave, 802-862-7800
    Vegetarian and Vegan options available.
  • Leonardo’s Pizza 83 Peaerl St, 802-862-7700
    Pizza with no cheese or with soy cheese.
  • Leunig’s Bistro 115 Church St, 802-863-3759
  • New England Culinary Institute 25 Church St, 802-862-6324
    Vegan available.
  • Parima Thai Restaurant 185 Pearl St, 802-846-7917
    Vegetarian choices on menu; advertises vegetarian specialties.
  • Sakura 2 Church St, 802-863-1988
    Japanese food.
  • Shalimar of India 16 N Winooski Ave, 802-864-5693
    Many vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Stone Soup 211 College St, 802-862-7616
    Emphasis on natural foods; vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Vermont Pub and Brewery 144 College St, 802-865-0500
    5 or 6 vegetarian items for eat in or take out.
Craftsbury Corners
  • Beyond the Garden Cafe ,
    fancy omlettes with portobello mushrooms, quiches, apply pancakes, great salads, sandwhiches, soups and even some italian dishes. They use veganaise and usually have soy substitutes on hand to make most vegan requests happen.
  • Gatewoods South Main St, 802-293-5755
    Several vegetarian and vegan appetizers and at least one vegetarian or vegan entree each day.
  • Sweet Onion Inn Route 100, 802-767-3734
    Vegan bed and breakfast in a beautiful country inn. Breakfast and dinner are included in room rates. Dining room primarily for guests of the inn, but others may be accommodated if space is available. Reservations essential.
  • Green Peppers 11 Washington St, 802-388-3164
    "Vegan pasta and sauce—cheap! Cheese pizza; taco pizza is excellent. Salads, Italian bread with oil and garlic.”
  • Panda House Marble Works, 802-388-3101
    Full vegetarian menu for lunch and dinner; eat in or take out.
  • Taste of India 1 Bakery Ln, 802-388-4856
    Full vegetarian menu for lunch and dinner; eat in or take out.
  • Hunger Mountain Food Coop 623 Stone Cutters Way, 802-223-6910
    Vegetarian deli/salad bar/cafe.
  • Main Street Grill Main St,
    Vegetarian friendly. They will bring you oil for your bread upon request and have at least one or two vegetarian option on the menu... some times you can find one that can be made vegan. This is a NECI school resaurant.
  • Rhapsody Cafe Main St,
    Buffet style, pay by the pound. Miso soup and one other daily and also offer sushi that is not so fabulous in my opinion but is stilll the only place in Montpelier to get it. The sushi is the only thing that may contain meant - it seems to have some seaf
  • Blue Seal Restaurant Bridge St, 802-434-5949
    Vegetarian options listed on menu.
S Burlington
  • Healthy Living Natural Foods 4 Market Square, 802-863-2569
    Located behind Barnes and Noble. Food bar—mostly vegan; Sunday Brunch with tofu “eggs,” vegan sausage.
  • Silver Palace 1216 Williston Rd, 802-864-0125
    “Ask for their vegetarian menu; many choices.”
  • Vermont Soup Company 1636 Williston Rd, 802-862-5678
    Lunch menu includes vegetarian offerings. Soups, sandwiches, salads, pasta. Changes daily. “Chef very willing to accommodate; reasonable prices; miso soup very good.”
  • La Villa Mediterranean Bistro and Pizzeria 2011 Shelburne Rd, 802-985-2596
    “6 to 10 vegetarian offerings a day; 5 are vegan. Vegan food very well done. Owned by a lipid-conscious dietitian.”
  • Olives 1056 Mountain Rd, 802-253-2033
    Vegetarian choices on menu; vegan available.
  • The Whip at the Green Mountain Inn 18 S Main St, 802-253-4100
    Full range of vegetarian choices. Will prepare anything on request. 4 or 5 vegan entrées daily. “Very broad range; reasonable; lovely 1833 inn; casual; delicious; good value.”
W Lebanon, NH
  • Taste of Africa 365 N Main St, 603-653-3012
    Restaurant and catering. Vegan available. “Great food. Atmosphere okay, a bit crowded.”
  • VT Fiddleheads Cafe 18 Worcester Village Road, 802.223.2111
    Raw vegan cafe
“Where can I find a good vegetarian meal?”

People planning to visit Vermont frequently call the Vermont Vegetarian Society to find out where to eat. We who live here are also looking for restaurants that serve creative, delicious vegetarian meals. To respond to these concerns, the Vermont Vegetarian Society initiated our ongoing Restaurant Project, which gathers information on vegetarian dining in the state. We ask our participants to share their experiences in finding restaurant meals free of meat, poultry, and fish.

The reports we have received to date are summarized here. Unfortunately, much of the information in the list of restaurants is badly out of date. We are hoping to update this Guide in the coming months. If you try an unlisted restaurant or have comments to add, you can help make future editions of this guide more useful by contacting the webmaster at

Given the volatility of the restaurant business, many things may have changed since the VVS received a report on a listed restaurant. You may want to call ahead to confirm the continued availability of vegetarian options before you make a trip. Also, the VVS is unable to verify most of the reports we receive. Sometimes seemingly vegetarian dishes contain ingredients made from animal flesh that may not be apparent from the menu, such as fish sauce in Thai food, oyster sauce in Chinese food, or chicken broth in rice pilaf.

We do not know if the people who sent in reports checked for such hidden ingredients. If you find that a restaurant is not as vegetarian-friendly as it seems in a listing below, please let the VVS know so we can correct the information in future editions of this guide.

Restaurants classified as vegetarian-friendly either offer several vegetarian selections on the menu or received an enthusiastic recommendation from the person making the report. The restaurants listed as accommodating vegetarians appeared to have a smaller selection of vegetarian foods, or we did not receive enough information to know the extent of their meatless offerings. Words in quotes came from reports we received.

Many restaurants not listed here may offer good choices for vegetarians; we simply did not receive a report. Even when there is nothing vegetarian on the menu, you may be able to assemble a full meal if the restaurant has a good salad bar; many offer an excellent selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, marinated beans, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts, vegetarian deli salads, nuts, and fresh breads. Vegetarian appetizers can also be combined to create a satisfying meal.

Be sure to let restaurants know you want vegetarian choices; if there is demand, restaurants will meet it.

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