You Want to Move? Check This Out!

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Here are some things you can do to avoid stress when moving:

Leave the kids on a transfer day
If you have parents, friends, or relatives who can be entrusted by children, it is a good idea to leave them on the transfer day. Make sure the children stay safe and there are those who take care of when you have to deal with transfers that do take time, effort and thought. If there is no family that can be entrusted, there is no harm in leaving the daycare of the apartment.

Clean the refrigerator a few days earlier
If you are going to bring your old refrigerator, make sure to clean it a day until 2 days before. This is to make sure the ice in the refrigerator has runny, is dry, and can be put into a cardboard box so that it does not cause leaking everywhere when moving.

Assume that you will be late
There must be something that happens when moving. Therefore, make sure you assume that you will be late when you will plan for the day. With this, you avoid your event getting more stressful when someone is not according to plan.

Separate cardboard based on color
Use colorful paper and label each cardboard. Give a name according to the room, such as a kitchen, children’s bedroom, bathroom, living room, etc. When you arrive at a new apartment, place the cardboard in each room so that everyone knows where the item must be placed.

Glue the glass with glue
Paste the glue in the form of the letter X before putting it in a cardboard box. This will further reduce the risk of mirrors and broken glass because the glue can absorb pressure or shocks when moving.

Separate all liquid items
Cleaning fluids must be placed in separate plastics. If the item is spilled, it will contaminate all the items in the box.

Follow the transfer guide
Find out the transfer guide charts for trucks as below. The guide might be different if you use a van or other vehicle.

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