You Must Know These Heat Absorbers For Roofs

Styrofoam panels have been widely used to absorb heat on the roof. Although this panel material is made of plastic, it is very effective in absorbing heat because it is made of compressed plastic granules and then filled again with air. Maybe you also often find Styrofoam as an ingredient for the protection of electronic product packaging, glass and also packaging food containers. And indeed Styrofoam can be used as a heat sink for the type of roof that is not hot. The advantage of this material is that the price is quite affordable so it can save money Then the installation process is also very easy so it is more practical. The size and level of thickness also vary so that it can be adjusted to the needs. Meanwhile, you may want to hire the best tile roofing repairs company near your area when your roof is damaged.

Apart from that, bubble foil can be one of the heat absorbers which is a modification of aluminum foil. The material is both the same, but for bubble foil, it has a different surface shape with collapsed circles. This material can absorb heat very well so that the house is cool and does not cause poison.

Finally, Glass wool is one of the heat absorbing materials made of fiberglass fiber which is then formed to resemble wool. This wool layer is very good for reducing heat and is often used for office roofs and multi-story buildings. Of course, the use of this material can reduce the heat in multi-story buildings so that the electrical power for spending AC costs is also lower.

How to Install Roof Heat Resistant

Adjust to the selected material. Basically, the installation of this heat sink must be adjusted to the material you choose. In accordance with the type of damper, the material will be installed for the outer layer or the inside of the roof according to the model of the roof of the house. Some tools are needed such as wire mesh, scissors, glue, glass wool, and other construction equipment.

If indeed you cannot install it yourself, it is better to try to use a special installation service. Usually, the purchase of heat absorbers will be provided by the shop service, except online stores.

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