You Must Check Home Purchase Documents Before You Get The Key Of Your Home

Lately, homes have become commodities that are often fought over by people. If there is new housing or second-hand homes that are sold at affordable prices, there will be many who invade immediately. You know that working with a conveyancing specialist is important. This professional helps you prepare the documents. As buyers, you must ensure that you get all the required documents before you get the home’s key that you buy.

One of the things we must pay attention when buying a home is the completeness of the documents. Here is a letter that must be there when we want to buy a house:

There are several types of land ownership letters, but there are three types that are recommended when completing the purchase of a house, namely ownership rights certificate, building use certificate, use rights certificate

The existence of these certificates does not necessarily ensure the security of the status of a house. We must pay attention to some details of the validity of the certificate. There are sellers who exaggerate the area of ‚Äč‚Äčland in advertisements so that their homes sell more expensive. Therefore, make sure the land area in the certificate and original are the same. If there is a difference, what can be trusted is the extent of the certificate. You must also note that the name on the certificate. Make sure the seller’s name and name on the certificate are the same. Even if it’s different, there should be a power of attorney from the original owner of the house printed on the certificate.

When you get the last sale and purchase deed, you must ensure that the certificate is issued by the notary who witnessed the transaction. Because the existence of a notary ensures its validity.

Then, regarding permission to set up a building, you must know some of these things. issued by the local government. Homeowners who do not have a building permit will be fined 10 percent of the value of the building, and can even be demolished. Things that need to be considered about the IMB include the building area in the certificate and the reality. If there is a difference, permission to establish a building must be updated to match the facts in the field.

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