Yoga Poses That Can Be Done with a Partner

Yoga means uniting mind, body, and soul. Besides being done individually, yoga can also be done with your partner. Who doesn’t like to stretch, breathe, and move your body with your favorite person? It doesn’t matter who is in position A or position B, as long as both of them feel fine. You can join Yoga classes in Enfield to know better about yoga.

1. Sit in pairs by turning spinal

Sit back to meet your back. Both partners must place their right hand on their partner’s left thigh just above the knee, and the left hand will be placed on each other’s right thigh. Next, coordinate your breathing. Each breath, stretch your spine, and on each breath, turn your spine more. After that, go back to the middle position and repeat on the other side.

2. Backbend accompanied

Stand back to meet your back. For partner A, bend your knees, hold your breath, lock your stomach, and start leaning forward. On the other hand, partner B relies on you. The main key in doing this movement is to trust each other. Partner A will continue to bend forward until partner B is lifted from the ground. Breathe here, and you can move in any way that feels good. Return slowly and repeat by switching positions. Bend your knees, because this is very important for partners who are under balance. Load must be supported by feet, not back. If you don’t feel good, then pass the movement, so that your partner is at the bottom.

3. Paired chairs

Stand your back to your back while relaxing your arms to your right and left side. Press firmly on each other to maintain balance when you first advance as wide as your hips, and then move away from your partner. Slowly, lower your body as if sitting in a chair. After reaching a 90 degree angle on your knee, hold the position until 3-5 breaths are stable. Encourage each other to get back up. This yoga pose strengthens the body and mind, while creating a deeper sensation of trust between one another.

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