Tricks To Avoid Damage On Ceramics

The problem of housing is not always in one part, for example on the roof or wall, the floor is no less often experience problems. Ceramic floors, for example, must often experience damage problems, ranging from bloating, cracking and breaking, as a result, the floor of the house becomes unsightly, not only that such a floor can sometimes endanger the occupants of the house. In addition to damaged floors, dirty floors can also disturb the view of your home find here. When you find this happening in your home, Tile Cleaning Northern Beaches can help you clean ceramics as before.

We may often wonder, what causes the ceramic floor can balloon even crack and break. The answer, there are many things that can cause why tile floors can be like that. The following is a review of the causes before things happen that are not desirable you should pay attention to the things below.

First, maybe because ceramic adhesives such as cement used cannot function properly. That is because the quality of the mortar and sand mix is ​​not balanced in comparison to even the traction cannot blend well in cement and sand.

Second, the meeting or connection between one ceramic with another ceramic. Usually, the builder who installs the ceramics, after the ceramics that have been installed in a semi-dry state will fill the grout with cement mixed with water (mortar-water mix is ​​thinner when compared with a mortar-water mix for other purposes). Due to negligent, hasty construction work or because of inexperience, the grout is not completely filled with cement. And finally resulted in damage to ceramics.

Third, the ceramic bottom is too wet, damp and moldy. There may be cavities filled with water underneath. because of the uneven coating of cement under the ceramic by an inexperienced craftsman.

Because the surface of the soil under the ceramic is down. It usually occurs in areas where the soil conditions are unstable or the area may have experienced a natural disaster such as an earthquake, or, the tiled floor has been flooded, and the soil and the cement layers below it have fallen.

Fourth, because of the expansion of the weather that changed from cold to hot weather. In poor quality ceramics, it is not resistant to this condition and it will be easier to crack, bubble or break.

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