Tips on Choosing a Good Party Dress

For women attending a party let alone a very big party is an absolute wish. To attend formal big parties or events must have neat and uncluttered dress criteria. Having properties that must be different from others and should be the center of attention in a woman makes them extra perfectionist for the issue of the party dress. If you want to buy the best party dress, you can look it up by visiting Bazaar, visit our website and get Wish promo codes for existing customers.

The women usually choose a party dress that resembles a dress worn by famous artists or dresses issued by famous fashion brands are expensive. But even so, sometimes the party dress they wear looks weird and embarrassing because it does not fit their body shape and height. More severe if the dress wore different themes or concepts of the event he attended. Therefore before we come to the party we must know tricks as follows:

1. Know the concept and theme of the event.

The concepts and theme of a party event can be anything according to the creator of the event. As some of the parties I attended had themes like a beach party, rock and roll, cocktail party, flower party, Halloween party and red party. Not a few parties that require us to wear dress codes. Therefore we must pay attention and know the theme and the concept of the event because you definitely do not want the wrong costume.

2. Recognize the shape and height of your body.

Many of the women who despite using fancy clothes but look weird. Because the dress you wear does not fit your body shape and height. I’ve seen women who have a short body size but he uses a very nice dress but it is too long and it makes it look shorter.

– For a short stature, you should use a mini dress because it helps you to look tall. In addition, the mini dress you use do not be too loose and the length should not exceed the knee. Keep the mini dress fit on your waist and abdomen but widen at the bottom.

– For you a tall skinny no problem to use a mini dress or long dress. However, for you who have a shorter leg length than your body should never wear a tight mini dress and do not wear a long dress that opens on your thighs. We recommend you use a long dress that widens the hip down or long dress classic that has no hemispheres.

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