Tips for buying the used wooden furniture

This time I will give tips how to buy used wood furniture, either chair, table, cupboard, bookshelf, or bed made of teak, mahogany, and even sonokeling. for some reason a lot of people who are more interested in using used furniture, both because the price is cheaper, it is because the design is antique or it’s not on the market anymore. and that’s what makes the sale of used furniture is increasingly widespread, both online and offline that greatly facilitate the buyers, so check out the good tips. Meanwhile, you can check out the best benchtop jointer review to know the recommended tool to smooth the surface of your woods.

1. It’s not easily torn

if you buy wood furniture directly then make sure first that it is not easy to falter, the way the movement with hardwood furniture, if construction shifts or there is a crunching sound that comes out from furniture it can be ascertained that the furniture is not qualified and unfit to wear. although it can still be fixed by giving the wooden brackets to be more solid.

2. free from the termites

because you buy used wood furniture, then it means that this furniture already has a long time to use. so the possibility of being eaten by termites or other pests is also very high. the characteristics of wood furniture are very easy to know: a. porous and hollow, b. there is former soil like termite house in general, c. if inside the wood has a cavity will be heard a different sound. and in my opinion do not buy furniture that has been eaten by termites, because it can not be repaired.

3. colors change and have scratches (depending on taste)

in this section there are many opinions, there is a very like used wood furniture whose color faded and there are scratches naturally because he thinks the antique value is higher. and some also prefer the color that looks still new, so when buying furniture twelve them to re-finishing.

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