Ticks for buying the good drumsticks

Brands or big names are often associated with a high price when in fact it is so. the price can also determine a quality music world friend. So when you already know what kind of music you will play and find a suitable stick model, the next step is to choose a brand. In the market a lot of branded drumsticks are alleged asphalt alias fake, therefore you are required to be careful in buying it. This is necessary so you can get the best drumsticks for your performance.

Why I suggest using a drumstick that already has a big name and the ORIGIN because the fake drumstick is usually a lot of shortcomings, such as the balance of the two different sticks so very uncomfortable to use, difficult to use for freestyle and so forth, drumsticks feel hollow, easily broken and the shape of the drumstick was not straight symmetrical. Remember to buy a musical instrument if half a half aka a gig will only make you disappointed in the future.

Check the condition of the drumsticks before buying and testing them

Remember proverbs never buy a cat in a sack or never buy just from his appearance alone. Therefore you need to make sure the condition of the stick that you want to buy whether good and good or not. You can ask the salesman to remove the stick from the wrapper and check carefully whether there are defects, whether the stick is balanced, whether the stick is sturdy and so forth. It’s quite lucky if you are allowed to use the stick to hit drum (tester).


Taste is meant here is the color of the stick, whether plain, black, red or you want to paint it yourself is up. But our advice is to use a plain stick without paint so that if used will produce a perfect sound.
Short length sticks that you will use also adjusted your taste if you are able to use a stick that has a length of 1 meter was up to you. The shape of the end of the stick is also adjusted your taste, can choose the tip in the form of a ball (round), oval, barrel or acorn.

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