This Is How To Wash Your Own Carpet At Home

For some people washing carpets is a tiring and time consuming task, many of them prefer to wash carpets by laundry, even though if we have the desire and spend a little time then the work of washing or cleaning the carpet can be done as long as we do it happily heart and sincerity then in addition to getting its own satisfaction also at least reduce costs rather than giving it to laundry. Meanwhile, you should check out the best Carpet Cleaning The Hills if you need the trusted professional carpet cleaners to wash your carpets the hills carpet cleaning.

For more details about how to wash the carpet, please refer to the explanation below:

Place the carpet on the floor, do not let any part fold or roll so that the entire carpet can be cleaned perfectly, then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust. if you do not have a vacuum cleaner, you can use a broom, but by using a broom, a lot of dust will fly, so cover your nose with a mask or cloth so that dust does not enter the lungs, how to clean carpet dust with the broom is to put a carpet on the fence / wood crosses (do not have any parts that fold) then beat it with a broom until all the dust is gone.

After there is no more dust sticking to the carpet, the next step is to wet the carpet. Put the carpet on the wall flush (spray using water from the hose or if you use a water spray stim used to wash the motorbike/car) carpet with clean water then flush with soapy water.

Begin brushing using a soft brush slowly and a small pressure on the two surfaces of the carpet with a one-way brush movement while directing the soap and water granules toward the edge of the carpet, to remove the odor on the carpet then flush the carpet with deodorized water and clothes softener.

Put the carpet back on the fence/wood crossed then flush it with clean water until there is no foamy part. then dry the carpet during the hot sun for 1-2 days until it is completely dry.

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