Things You Can Try For Protecting Your PC From Viruses

This article will tell you how to overcome the computer from virus attacks and prevent virus infections on the computer. We hope that the information we will provide can be useful for you. Aside from that, don’t forget to try the Best free antivirus for pc as well.

Be careful when opening email attachments

It’s good if you avoid opening attachments from anyone because this can be the entry point for viruses into your computer. To avoid this, you can use the open system automatically. Using an automatic open system for attachments is likely to be infected with a very small virus.

Don’t use CDs or DVDs too often

Before using a CD, DVC, FD or stick memory it’s good if you make sure that your anti-virus system is running well. Don’t forget you also have to turn off the autoplay system on the computer because this can infect your computer.

Use open source software

Besides that, you can use an open source software system. This type of software can be obtained free of charge and is considered to be safer because it is rarely targeted by virus makers. Make sure you also avoid Spyware software. This type of software is very dangerous because this type of software is dangerous and can track whatever work you do with a computer. This type of software is a search software that provides many web pages containing viruses.

How to overcome the computer from virus attacks above is very easy, isn’t it? Now you don’t need to worry about files that suddenly disappear because of a virus attack caused by CV, DVD or flash disk. You can even install software that has anti-spyware capabilities so that your computer is well protected and your files will be safe.

Don’t connect your USB flash drive to internet cafe PCs too often

USB flash drive might bring viruses from other PCs to yours. Therefore, before you decide to plug your flash drive to a random PC on an internet cafe, make sure that the PC is well-protected by a good antivirus program.

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