These Are Three Tips to Clean the House Quickly

As we know that cleaning a house is not an easy thing because you have to clean every corner and all the furniture you have. For this reason, there are many people who use Mr.Clean services to be able to clean their homes. A house that is clean and free of germs is indeed the dream of many people, so maintaining the cleanliness of the house is something you must do.

In cleaning the house, there are various ways you can do so that the house cleaning process runs quickly. Some ways to clean the house that you can do so that the process runs fast is

1. Clean the Dust
Dust on the surface of the table or photo frame is easily visible to the eye. Even though cleaning the house from dust does not take long, at least it can be done in less than 10 minutes. Wipe the microfiber cloth one tool that can be used to clean quickly. Special materials used on the cloth can clean dust, dirt, oil, germs, and others.

2. Clean the Bathroom
The bathroom is usually one area that you don’t really like to clean up. But actually, this place is one that must be your priority. Cleaning the bathroom does not have to be done for hours. For the bathroom, the fastest way to minimize your work is to first clean the toilet, then spray disinfectant liquid on all floors. After that, start from the toilet, brush and clean quickly. By spraying disinfectant first, you give the liquid the chance to work on its own, so you can reduce your energy when brushing.

3. Take & Hide
When the house has not been properly cleaned, you will suddenly arrive unplanned guests. If this happens, to clean the house, focus on the visible area. For other areas, immediately take the action ‘take and hide’. For example, take all objects that are scattered and not in places, such as books, toys, and clothes. Put all the objects in one basket or another place, then hide in a place that the guest might not see.

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