These are three important factors why someone feels addicted to narcotics

At present, there are many people who feel addicted to narcotics. This is not surprising because there are indeed many people who use these narcotics. For this reason, treatment for those who feel addicted to narcotics must be done immediately. One of the treatments that can be treated is Ayawasca. Ayawasca itself has been trusted since ancient times to cure dependence on narcotics itself.

However, you must find the right place to feel the treatment. Usually, someone who feels addicted to narcotics because of several causes. Of the many causes, there are usually three important factors underlying a person feeling addicted to these narcotics.

1. Social trauma
This is related to social trauma and is a cause of dizziness from the use of narcotics or commonly referred to as compulsive addiction. This social tram can involve yourself, the culture in the family or also the environment. However, it is generally caused by deviant sexual behavior, emotional neglect, disturbed environment, fission violence, mental violence or also an exile.

2. Psychological reasons
Many people who originally used narcotics to control the mind so they don’t feel depressed anymore. However, because narcotics have substances that can cause addiction, there are many people who feel that their lives are complicated by using these drugs. people who are addicted to narcotics often struggle with strong emotional experiences and are difficult to handle. The emotional experience is sadness, feeling empty, lonely, anger, and guilt. Those who usually become narcotics addicts use these drugs to kill emotions, escape from pain and how to increase self-esteem

3. The role of genes and mental illness
The study found that the relationship between drug genetics and certain mental illnesses could also trigger a person to feel more easily addicted to narcotics. For this reason, appropriate treatment will be needed by those who feel that they are addicted to narcotics.

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