The wood frame vs the concrete frame

As we know that doors and windows are inseparable parts in a house or other building. The size of doors and windows has certain standards in accordance with their functions, for example, the width of the bathroom door is 60-70 cm, the bedroom door is 80-90 cm and so on. Aside from that, perhaps you want to check out the excellent Concrete Mixing Essex as well.

In its development, many models of doors and windows are on the market but in terms of size, they are in accordance with existing standards. Therefore the size of the frame in the market is not much change (after the existing standard). The frame is a frame (frame) that is used as a place/holder to put the door or window shutters. Although the size of the frame can be said to be standard, the material from the frame itself is quite varied. The frame material on the market today is wood, aluminum, UPVC, and concrete.

Wooden Frame

The wood frame is very dominating in the market. This is influenced by the ease to get the material, the process of workmanship, and others. The high level of wood consumption has resulted in the depletion of timber forest reserves, including in the country, which also means increasing the effects of global warming.

In an effort to reduce the level of wood consumption, material materials for building other houses that were used as a material for sills began to emerge. Started with an aluminum frame, then UPVC frame, and concrete sills.


In anticipation, there needs to be an education in the community. To meet the housing needs that have now become primary needs, concrete sills deserve a place as an option. Because the concrete sills have high economic value and durability. Currently what needs to be done is the innovation of building materials or mortar mixture of frame maker to have a lightweight and produce a minimalist, artistic, and beautiful visual form in accordance with market demand.

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