The reason why framerate is crucial for video games

On this occasion, we will give a little Tips while playing the game, how many fps is most feasible to use. before going any further, let’s see first What is FPS? The following FramePer Second is abbreviated as FPS. The number of picture frames shown in one second for moving images. To measure the overall performance of a graphics card can use frame rates as a reference. The frame rate is The number of picture frames or frames shown every second in a moving image, manifested in units of fps (frames per second), the higher the fps number, the smoother the moving image. Games and movies are usually high fps. The frame rate describes how many images are completed by the graphics card and displayed in frames at every second. When a series of continuous dead images are seen by the human eye, then a miracle takes place. If the pictures are played quickly then it will look a smooth movement, here are the basic principles of film, video, and animation. The number of images seen every second is called the frame rate. A minimum frame rate of 10 fps (frame rate per second) is required to produce smooth motion images. Meanwhile, you might visit to check out the recommended graphics cards.

Why do gaming manufacturers lower the standard speed of 60fps to 30 fps? Nicolas from designer Assassin says, 30 frames guarantee the ability of hardware as seen Cinematic Gloss. Ubisoft has long maintained the gaming speed at 60fps. But the problem with increasing the frame rate in the game to the display, there is a missing part and make the game appear less real. Between 30 fps and 60 fps, hardware should work heavier. Especially for rendering 3D images.

Alex Amancio argues the speed of 60 fps is very good for the game First Person Shooter. Decreasing to 30 fps then the image details will look even better, so game developers push the graphics quality limit to the max. In terms of gamers who play will get 3D image quality.

Maybe we started asking, what’s the point of using expensive class VGA, while more games are locked into 30 fps. Looking back at game capability, with 30 frames FPS speed alone, then graphics quality can be improved.

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