The Kibo Code Quantum Bonus Might Motivated You To Join The Online Course But Developing Your E-Commerce Idea Is Necessary

After understanding the problems facing the market and doing research on your target market, now is the time to explore your creativity in doing e-commerce. There are several steps you can take to develop ideas for your e-commerce. Of course, you can learn it on the Kibo Code course and after you’ve received your kibo code quantum bonus, but you still need to take this idea development process seriously.

Determine what type of product to sell

There are two types of products that you can offer to consumers, namely in the form of goods and services. Types of goods are also divided into two, namely physical goods or non-physical goods, aka digitals, such as ebooks, applications, online classes, or software. On the other hand, service products can be in the form of photography services, endorsements, advertising for brands, or beauty service products such as makeup, installation of false eyelashes to nail art.

Create a buyer persona

After determining the demographics and psychographics of the market, now you can take further action to determine what kind of ideal consumer you are targeting to buy your product.

Apart from conducting market research, there are several other factors that you can determine to create a buyer persona, such as:

– Find the pain point

Now that you know what problems the market is facing, now narrow down the problems or obstacles that potential customers are experiencing to achieve something they want. You can discuss this with your e-commerce partners during brainstorming, or analyze sentiment from social media.

– Identify goals

If pain points are useful for finding market problems when you start your e-commerce, goals serve to determine what solutions need to be done. These goals can be in the form of positive actions taken by consumers to treat their pain points.

– Your brand role

The answers to pain points and goals have been obtained, this is the time for your brand to take a role in helping consumers meet the goals they want. Learn what your brand can provide so that it can be useful for potential customers.

You can add your name, age, place of residence, or even marital status if needed.

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