Tax Is The Main Source Of State Revenue

National Development is a development that takes place continuously and continuously that aims to improve people’s welfare both materially and spiritually. To be able to realize this goal, the state must explore the source of domestic funds in the form of taxes. Meanwhile, you may need to hire the trusted advocate of tax law, bruno calfat advogados whenever you’ve got a problem with taxes.

Tax is the compulsory contribution of the people to the owed country, either as an individual or a business entity that is compelling based on the law, by not getting direct compensation and being used for state needs for the greatest prosperity of the people. Payment of taxes is an embodiment of the obligations and roles of taxpayers to participate directly and jointly implement state financing and national development. In accordance with the philosophy of the tax law, paying taxes is not only an obligation, but is the right of every citizen to participate and participate in state funding and national development.

Like the economy in the household or family, the country’s economy also knows the sources of revenue and expenditure items. Taxes are the main source of state revenue which accounts for around 70% of all state revenues. Without taxes, most of the country’s activities will be difficult to implement.

The use of taxes starts from employee expenditure to financing various development projects. Construction of public facilities, such as roads, bridges, schools, hospitals / health centers, and police stations are financed from taxes. Infrastructure development, education costs, health costs, subsidized fuel oil (BBM), salaries of civil servants, and construction of public facilities are all funded by taxes. The more taxes collected, the more facilities and infrastructure will be built.

Therefore, taxes are the spearhead of a country’s development. So that it is appropriate as a good citizen to pay taxes. Many nations have made it easy for their citizens to pay taxes.

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