Surprisingly, Hip-Hop Music Can Relieve Mental Disorders

Music can relieve stress, improve cognitive abilities, and help you fall asleep better. Then, what about hip hop and rap music? During this time, we may often hear the negative stigma attached to hip hop music. However, several studies say that hip hop music also has the potential to help people with mental disorders. Apart from that, if you want to add some cool rap beats into your project, we suggest you Buy beats online.

In late 2014, academics from the University of Cambridge reported that research respondents who listened to hip hop music experienced a positive impact. They listen to music from this genre, as part of psychoeducation therapy. The research, published in The Lancet Psychiatry, involved people with schizophrenia and depressive disorders, as respondents. After that, the researchers divided them into two groups to both undergo psychoeducation therapy. The first group listened to hip hop music, while the other group did not. As a result, the group of respondents who listened to hip hop music proved to have a better understanding of the therapy process.

For information, some of the popular songs selected in the study are Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”, and “Take Off Your Cool” by Outcast.

Akeem Sulee, one of the researchers in the research, also founded Hip Hop Psych. The institution has a group of psychiatrists from Cambridge University, who works to promote hip hop music for the treatment of mental disorders. The lyrics in hip hop songs related to mental issues seem to be the key to being a therapeutic tool. According to Hip Hop Psych, hip hop music is rich in things that are close to mental health, such as addiction problems, psychosis disorders, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and other disorders. Hip hop music is also said to be close to environmental factors in mental disorders, such as urban problems, poor nutrition, unhealthy family influences, and other factors, such as genetic factors and changes in gene expression (epigenetic).

Hip Hop Psych also states that hip hop music (with positive lyrics) can encourage people with depressive disorders, who are attracted to hip hop music, to increase a positive image of themselves, the situations they face, and the future.

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