Special things about Range Rover Evoque

This adventure car comes with a powerful engine. Engine capacity is about 1999 cc. With the capacity of the machine, the power generated can reach 240 PS, and torque reaches 340 NM. And more interestingly, this car can be filled with gasoline. Perhaps, this is one of the tricks used by the company to more attractive lovers of the premium off-road car in Asia and Europe alike. Meanwhile, if you’re interested to rent a Range Rover, just visit the trusted range rover rental London.

And just like an adventure vehicle, this premium car is already using a four-wheel drive system. So, the power of the vehicle is very good to be driven in a variety of difficult terrain. The dimensions of this car are about 4370 mm (long), 1990 mm (wide), and 1605 mm (high). A very fitting dimension to help your adventure.

Interior Variant Evoque

In the interior of this adventure vehicle, the driver is given many perks. Obviously with the embedding of superior technology in it, such as Incontrol Touch. This feature that makes you not feel disturbed to control almost everything in the car while you’re driving. Screen with the size of 8 inch makes you also easier to access and enabled some features such as radio, music, air conditioning, and so forth.

Another feature exists in audio technology. This vehicle uses Meridian surround sound system. It includes 16 speakers and dual subwoofer channels. This embedding allows you to listen to music very clearly.

In the vehicle dashboard unit, there is a dual view system. This system provides a new experience for the driver and passengers who are in front. Namely, see the contents of the touchscreen display measuring 10 inches.

For example, drivers can use satellite navigation systems, and other passengers can view DVDs or TVs simultaneously.

In addition, the latest features such as in touch also provide a lot of convenience for the driver. This feature will help keep you connected to the vehicle. This feature includes connect and connect pro.

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