Routine and Regular Treatment Will Affect Boiler Performance

The use of boilers in the industrial world is increasing. The boiler system converts water or fire into steam in the form of energy. The steam has a very high pressure, so it can be an alternative power plant, even capable of moving large vehicles such as ships. One boiler manufacturer is Gemlsa. They have experience in the field of boilers and have certified professionals to operate them. So that not just anyone can operate it.

Boilers are the same as other equipment that requires maintenance to keep working optimally. This treatment also requires special expertise and basic knowledge of boilers, so that not everyone can clean the boiler. Maintenance also requires standard operating procedures to prevent accidents. Problems that arise in boilers are generally caused by the treatment of boiler feed water that does not meet the requirements. One of the boiler maintenance processes is called the initial commissioning process.

The initial preparation process that is carried out both on a new boiler or an old boiler is the main inspection consisting of the removal of scale or foreign material in the boiler after the hydrostatic test and inspection of the boiler leak. The kettle is operated by boiling using an alkaline solution to remove oil-containing materials and other deposits. During boiling, the boiler is operated at low pressure which is kept halfway from full pressure. Boiling time is approximately 24 hours. For cleaning high-pressure boilers by reducing substances to remove scale. After acid cleaning or boiling (acid cleaning) the boiler is emptied, refilled and washed with fresh water. The boiler is then ready to operate at optimal vapor pressure and uses safety buttons.

That is what is called the initial commissioning process. This process can also be said as preparation for the use of boilers. If the damage is found during maintenance, the technician can immediately make repairs to avoid a fatal accident.

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