Recommended Halal Cuisine in Spain

Halal tourism is generally found in the Asian region where the majority of the population is Muslim. But in Spain, there is a halal cafe named Cafe Baraka. Orgiva is an area in the province of Granada, Andalusia. This area is the southern part of Spain. A traveler who wants to have halal tourism experience in Europe can stop by here. One of the recommendations is Cafe Baraka. Not only food, this cafe also provides snacks that shake the tongue. Even this cafe provides homemade ice cream which is a favorite to enjoy while relaxing in the afternoon. If you seek for halal hotels in spain, you can find out on our website.

Cafe Baraka can be traveled within two hours from the City of Orgiva. Residents in this area adhere to the teachings of Sufi Muslims. Located 2 km from the City of Orgiva, a traveler will find Dargah. Dargah is a local community place of worship. Here there is also room for Sufis visiting this area. Sufi communities will gather on Thursday night to pray and meditate. On Friday worship and eating together will be held. Vacation to Spain while enjoying a variety of halal tours can be an unforgettable experience.

In addition to hotels, some public facilities also provide worship facilities, especially prayer rooms for Muslims. Public facilities that provide prayer rooms, including the airport. There are two mosques at Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas airport located in the public area from the exit terminal T2 and T4. They also provide halal food served in the Aena VIP lounge.

At the airport of Malaga-Costa del Sol there is a prayer room located in the T3 terminal arrival hall. This room has no picture and the walls are decorated with different materials and lighting, facing the Kaaba for prayer.

There is also a prayer room at Barcelona-El Prat Airport located at terminal T1. This room is not decorated by anything. The same thing happened at Gran Canaria Airport and Tenerife Sur. Each is equipped with a prayer room without images or religious symbols.

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