PC Use Mistakes To Never Make To Minimize The Repair Risk

Knowing the service available at https://www.budgetpcupgraderepair.com/contact/ will help you know what to do when you find something goes wrong on your PC. The mistakes you make during the use of the computer can lead to the earlier PC repair. In addition to the office, you may have very rarely opened your computer or PC. And not infrequently, when you use a computer, you actually make a mistake on this one thing. The following are some things you should not do with your computer.

1. Forgot to clean
The most important thing so that your computer’s performance is good and can live long is to keep the airflow unobstructed. Dust and dirt can accumulate quickly unless you routinely clean the interior rig which causes overheating, loss of performance, permanent damage to the components of your PC and of course a dirty display.

2. Install the driver, or do anything, without restarting
Have you ever thought of restarting the computer after each installs a program or updating an application? In fact, you have to restart your computer about once every 30 seconds or so to keep the computer running smoothly.

3. Clean the screen with cleaning fluid
Never spray anything on your screen. If you need to clean it, use a soft, dry or damp cloth.

4. Push the CD to close
How do you open a CD on your computer? Do prying it or squeeze a button. The same thing applies when you close the CD. You just press the button and don’t need to push it.

5. Turn off the computer while storing
When storing, especially auto-save when you play a game, surely you want to immediately turn off the computer. But this is absolutely not permissible. So important, developers feel the need to warn you about it every time you play a game.

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