Pay Attention To The Situation And Conditions When Fishing At The Sea

Many factors that we can consider when deciding to go fishing.
Having fishing rod storage racks at home is a feature if we have been through fishing for a long time and have enough experience too.
Situations and conditions are the external factors that can influence fishing activities in the sea.
It needs a strong feeling to be able to read the right situations and conditions so that we can determine the time and place to start fishing in the sea.
Because of the situation and conditions that need to be considered as fishing in the sea.

Tide time is affected by the position of the moon and sun.
Tides affect the emergence of ocean currents, the greater the low tide difference with high tides, then the higher the current will appear.
The speed of ocean currents has a major impact on fish activity.
This also creates a potential danger if it is still fishing in conditions like this.
Try to find a place with water conditions that are not shallow and current conditions that have not been great.

Wind velocity
Very fast speed affects our safety when fishing on the high seas using a boat.
The wind speed will make the fish grow because the wind causes waves and currents that will attract small organisms to the water and tempt fish to emerge.

Clarity of sea water
The clarity of seawater needs to be calculated when we are fishing in the sea.
The amount of garbage will cause the fish to decrease. The best time is when the sea water is clear and bright blue. And the sun shines hot during the day.

Seawater flow
Know the current of seawater is not only affected by the wind speed of the current downstream.
Like the wind, seawater moves from cold temperatures to warmer temperatures.
The indicators are seen by using fishing techniques in the deep sea whether tin and hook touch the sea floor or by looking at the slope of the fishing line that we hold, the more tilted the stronger the current.

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