Overcome Occupancy Noise, Take Advantage Of These Things As Room Noise Absorbers

Noise pollution in the room disturbs your concentration and often causes stress. Especially if you are an active person working at home or in the one north eden showflat apartment, when the noise occurs, of course, you will be very disturbed. In general, to overcome room noise can be done by using room noise silencers. In addition to reducing noise, silencers can maintain the rate of sound so that it doesn’t feel too quiet in the room.

How to Make Sound Absorbers?
Until now, PET material is best installed for silencers. However, the use of PET is also greatly influenced by the arrangement of the material in the room. There are many other ways you can handle noise in the room without silencers. Here is a recommendation from One North Eden to overcome sound noise without silencing the room so you can feel more comfortable when in an apartment.

1. Utilization of Room Doors
When you want to reduce noise in the room, you need to pay attention to the condition of the doors and windows. Doors with indentation motifs must be removed and it is highly recommended that you use doors with solid designs. A solid door is considered quieter than a door with ornate decorations.

2. Selection of Interior Paint
The paint was used as a silencer. But, you have to choose the right. Paint that functions to reduce noise from outside the room is paint that has a special formulation to coat the walls. Usually, this paint can reduce noise by up to 30%. This type of paint is still very rare and difficult to find.

3. Checking Floor Conditions
The floor is a part of a building that is classified as solid and very hard, so you need to be aware that the floor can be a great sound reflector. Therefore, you must check the condition of the one north eden showflat apartment floor. Some types of ceramics used for floors can have problems dealing with noise. Some floors have a squeaky sound and can be very annoying. So, you need to replace the floor with a new one. Read the floor specifications and materials used. Ask a builder for a suitable flooring option to suppress sound.

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