Open Plan Interior Is Suitable For Houses With Stone Walls

We can see stone-walled buildings in some countries in the form of temples, gates, or other historical relics. Whereas houses built with fully stone walls are quite rare. Natural stone walls have advantages in terms of durability, both time and weather. In addition, the use of natural stones will add to the aesthetic value of a building. A house in Turgutlu, Turkey, here is one of the best examples of stone wall houses by experts. Follow our search in Turkey, so you get an idea of how to beautify a house with stone-based materials. Apart from that, if you want to hire the best experts of stone walls near your area, then perhaps you can call the most trusted rock walls construction company in your city.

Kitchen area

We can see the kitchen from the corridor after the front door. From this angle, it is revealed how the kitchen not only has a blameless but also functional layout.

Open plan

We started a visit from the kitchen section in the open plan area of the home interior, which has unique harmony and aesthetics with a professional touch. A perfect harmony created thanks to wood elements in the form of wooden floors, wooden beams, and wooden lattices on the ceiling. However, the most prominent element here is the kitchen floor with geometric ornaments. While country style kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular trends in recent years.

Living room

The home wall is a part that we often ignore its existence. Though the appearance of the home wall plays an important role in the visual feasibility of the home as a whole. In this house, we witness how the natural rocks on the walls make the room more attractive. The gray color on the walls is very harmonious with the neutral colors of furniture, modern touch to this Mediterranean house.

Accessories and furnishing

A living room with a fireplace is commonly found in Mediterranean homes. The warm and romantic atmosphere here does not become ancient thanks to the carefully selected accessories and furnishings around it.

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