Note the following process when servicing a car

For those of you who are just using a new car, you will certainly be faced with the first service to do. The first service is crucial for the next service. Usually, the first service is done if your car has traveled around 10,000 km away. Because of a lack of experience, you will be confused about what to do when the service process takes place. If you need to pick up and drop of mot service, you can visit our website.

Any part that needs attention, or any symptom that arises if the problematic car engine becomes natural, is unknown to the novice owner.

Even though you aren’t executing it, you have to know what the mechanic does to avoid unwanted problems.

Here are some things you should know when the first service is done. Let’s just say you have to do it yourself.

1. Check the Radiator Water
Before starting service, check the radiator water. Open the radiator cap then look at the radiator water from the water filling hole. If the amount of radiator water is lacking, add enough to clean water.

The volume of radiator water is enough if the height reaches the lower neck of the radiator cap. If the radiator water is lacking, the engine will be very hot when turned on.

When you check radiator water, check the water quality. If the water is dirty, you should replace it with a new one.

Oily water has the possibility of oil leaks leading to the water cooling system. Check the condition by seeing the presence or absence of water seepage outside the radiator.

2. Check Engine Oil
The next step is checking engine oil. If engine oil is checked after the tune-up service is complete, the service results will not be optimal because the engine oil condition affects the engine’s working temperature.

In addition, engine oil also affects the sound of the engine produced. If the engine oil is very dirty, runny, or less then the sound of the engine will tend to be rough. This will also affect stationary and idle rotation.

Checks in this section include the oil volume and its condition. Oil volume must meet the specified minimum limit.

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