Make No Mistake, Choose The Floor Texture Must Match The Room

When choosing a floor, you should not only emphasize the design and color but also its good quality. This is because the floor must be strong with weight and anti-scratch. Besides, the texture of the floor used must also provide comfort for the feet of people passing on it. The texture of the floor for each room is usually different, depending on the conditions of the water, air, and the activities carried out there. Most people do not use footwear in the bedroom. Choose a smooth and soft floor texture. If necessary, take advantage of the carpet to cover the floor using top notch carpet cleaning services. Avoid using tiles for the bedroom because they are easily affected by cold temperatures so they are uncomfortable to walk on.

Kitchen floors are prone to splashes of oil, food stains, and drops of soapy water. The danger is that sometimes the splashes are not visible so that people who pass by them can slip. It is very risky if you slip in the kitchen, as this could knock the stove on and drop hot oil. Therefore, the most suitable floor texture for the kitchen is the floor mat texture. This flooring texture is very comfortable to walk on and also easy to clean from oil splashes or food stains. If you take a wrong step, people can slip. Therefore, the most appropriate floor texture for a bathroom is a rough texture. This flooring texture is usually found on most natural stone ceramic surfaces, but unfortunately, this natural stone is easily overgrown with moss so you need extra energy and time to brush it so that its quality is maintained.

As another alternative, look for a floor texture in the form of bathroom tiles. This ceramic surface is usually made with contoured and rough motifs. Even so, the texture of the floor will still feel comfortable on your feet. When the floor is wet, there is less risk of slipping.
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