Latest Study Reveals Cannabis Secrets As Ageless Medication

As we age, our brain performance and memory ability will decrease. Recent studies show that marijuana (Cannabis sativa) can reverse the aging process in the brain. This was tested in mice by scientists at the University of Bonn and their colleagues at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel. The research this time is based on the fact that mice have a relatively short life expectancy and show a real cognitive deficit even at the age of twelve months. The researchers managed a small amount of THC isolate, a drug with active ingredients in cannabis plants, for rats aged two, 12 and 18 months over a four-week period. After that, they tested their learning abilities and memory performance in mice, including, for example, orientation skills and the introduction of other mice. Mice that were only given a placebo showed learning abilities according to age and lost memory. Conversely, the cognitive function of mice treated with marijuana is as good as two-month-old mice.

This discovery is the result of years of careful research. First of all, the scientists found that the brain’s age is much shorter if mice do not have functional receptors for THC. This cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptor is a receptor where the substance of marijuana attaches and triggers the signal chain. CB1 is further the idea for the intoxicating influence of THC in marijuana products, which accumulate in receptors. With growing age, the amount of cannabinoids produced simply in the brain contractions. When the cannabinoid system activity decreases, we find rapid aging in the brain.

To find out exactly what effect money is given THC on old mice, the researchers examined brain tissue and gene activity in treated mice. This finding is surprising: molecules are no longer related to old animals but are very similar to young animals.

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