Know What Are the Causes of Food Allergies

The itchiness felt by someone clearly has a cause. Usually, the most common cause of itching is due to insect bites or allergies suffered by someone. If the itching is due to an allergy, then you should immediately find the right medicine. You have to order it now to be able to handle the allergic problem you feel. For that, make sure you know the right medicine to deal with these allergies.

One of the causes of allergies is because of food. There are various kinds of foods that can cause allergies to someone. Below are some of the causes of allergies in someone. Some of the causes referred to are

– Age factor
Foods that can cause allergies differ between children and adults. Babies aged 0-3 months most often experience food allergic reactions to cow’s milk. Cow’s milk allergy in infants decreases with increasing age and the increasing variety of other foods given to babies. In children, eggs are the most common cause of food allergies. Whereas in adults, the most common cause of allergies is fish.

– Gender
In the article entitled “Cutaneous Manifestations and Immunological Parameters in Food Allergy in Children”, it was mentioned that of all food allergies, 60% were women and the rest were men. This is because generally, men are more active than women, so their metabolic system is faster.

– Dietary habit
Improper diet can trigger food allergies. Approximately 20% of families in America must arrange their daily diet because at least one family member suffers from food allergies. The food allergies they suffer most are in the form of allergies to the animal protein contained in meat, fish, eggs and cow’s milk.

– Genetic factors
Food allergies occur based on family history. Parents or grandparents can reduce allergies in one of their family members. If there is one parent who suffers from food allergies, then it can inherit the risk to children around 17-40%.

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