Know this before you start your esports training

Before you start thinking about what you want to train and develop, make sure you understand what you’re playing. Because we discuss video games, this means understanding how the game works. If you want to practice using a certain character, find out how the character works. If you want to master certain elements or mechanics in the game, find out how it works. In the meantime, if you love to play Fortnite, check out this awesome fortnite v-bucks hack.

Suppose you want to practice using Enigma in Dota 2. That means you should find out how all Enigma skills work, all the attributes that he has from stats to movement speed, what role he plays in the game, and how to play it. From there you can have a clear direction of practice when trying to use the hero.

How much you learn depends on how deep and complex the game you are playing. Dota 2 and League of Legends, for example, have a high complexity and take a very long time to master. My advice, for complex games, learn all the aspects one by one, characters per character, from the most basic and the most basic elements and mechanics. This will make your learning and train more progressive.

There are many ways to do this. You can read the various guides available on the internet and try them out, or you can find out directly by playing in an empty map, facing AI, or with friends you know and want to help you learn.

Then Define Your Exercise Target Clearly, Then Find the Right Way to Exercise

This is the most important and often missed when you play and want to get better. Before you start playing, determine what you want to accomplish first. You want to be better at doing what, or want to fix what deficiencies? Then, to achieve that, what should you do in the game?

What you want to achieve should be specific. You can not just say “want to play as support better” when playing Overwatch. There are many parts of the support game to watch for, ranging from target priority, position taking, and also movement in the game arena.

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