Know these excellent ways for cleaning your home

As the head of the household, you should not completely dispose of the housekeeping business even if you have a housekeeper. Thus, you can maintain a clean and healthy home in an emergency without a helper. The cleaning skills of the house you need to know are practical ways that do not sacrifice work, social, and family affairs. After all, knowing how to clean the house quickly will be very useful when one day you decide not to use the services of another maid and choose to do all the cleanliness of the house itself with family members. However, if you really need to do more important things, then perhaps hiring the trusted Servicios Generales can be a good idea.

Doing your own things to make a clean home should be viewed as an honor, not a burden. The negative view that the heads of households and household heads who have been working on a daily basis are not supposed to be cleaning up at home should also be eliminated. In order not to overload other activities, here are some cleaning tips efficiently:

Practical way of cleaning kitchen utensils: throw the rest of the food into the bin, fill the bucket or wash the sink with water, add a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing soap that quickly removes oil and fat scraps-like Sunlight Lime 100, insert a tool other than a knife into the water, scrub with a sponge or dish wash brush, then rinse and drain.

How to clean the window glass of the house: remove the dust on the glass using a duster, wet the glass with water and rub with a the old newspapers, spray cleaning glass liquid then wipe with a microfiber cloth.

How to make a dust-free floor: use a dry cloth or a broom wrapped in a dry cloth to remove dust on the floor, then mop with a clean cloth dampened with a floor cleaning solution.

How to remove the lime crust in the bathroom: wet the surface to be cleaned, pour crushed lime crusher on the surface, flatten it with a bathroom brush, leave for 5 minutes, rub with a brush or wipe, then flush with clean water.

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