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A pistol believed to be designed by Samuel Colt and John Browning who also designed the legendary Colt 1911 pistol in 1887. The weapons design with the magazine system was originally designed for American soldiers who feel overwhelmed by a .38 caliber revolver against the Moro ethnic opposition in the Philippines. With a new design and larger-diameter bullet (cal 45), Pistols taken from the French ‘pistolet’ are designed to provide a greater stopping power than the 38-caliber revolver that was then used by American soldiers. Aside from that, you can visit ourĀ gun safe@jamesmatt account to find out more about guns.

In 1906, pistol designs designed by Colt’s gunmen, Browning, Luger, Savage, Knoble, Bergmann, White-Merrill and Smith & Wesson, began to be tested in the American army. One of the designs, which belonged to Samuel Colt when it became the best product on a trial run on March 3, 1911. The model was then popular with the name of Colt 1911.

In the trial, the Colt design gun passed 6,000 rounds of firing with the continuous firing of 100 bullets, with a break of 5 minutes, and a gun clearance of every 1000 bullets. After passing the test. The gun is mass-produced and is codenamed [series] Colt Model 1911-A1 (or M1911-A1). Since then, the design of the gun has not (or has not) changed ever since. The 1911 Colt, often dubbed “A Mother of All Pistol.”

The first specimen of the revolver (in the same way as the current revolver) was recorded in 1680 in England. This Revolver is named Snaphaunce Revolver. Special weapons designed and made for John Dafte. Elisha Collier, patented the Flinslock Revolver design in Britain, in 1818. At about the same time, the nearly identical design was patented by Artemus Wheeler in America and Cornelius Coolidge in France. Who’s the first? Still not answered until now.

Samuel Colt, in 1830 (when he was 16 years old) began to design a new weapon concept with a revolving system. He obtained a patent for Revolving Gun in England in 1835 and in America in 1836. In that year, He also began producing the revolving gun in bulk. In 1839, 1848 and 1850, Samuel Colt continued to register and obtain patents for his revolving gun concept which is now known as a revolver. With such expertise, many people rival the predicate of the inventor of the revolver against Samuel Colt.

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