How You Can Find out the Best Stick Golf for Your First Game

Are you currently feeling confused in choosing a golf stick that suits your comfort when used? Confused how best to choose a golf stick? It is not an easy thing to say about golf. If you really don’t know the right way to determine a golf stick that matches your style of play, then you can be sure when you play golf it will be a little disturbed and even affect your game. For the beginner or the one who just joined Bali Golf Courses, choosing the stick of golf seems like the tough task.

Coupled with various developments in advanced and new technologies that are applied to golf sticks. So you need a little help in determining the golf club. Starting from a putter, driver, hybrid or possibly a ball. Well, for those of you who are confused about how to choose a golf stick that suits your level of comfort and playing style. Then refer to the full explanation below.

Understand the Types of Golf Sticks
The first thing you must understand before choosing a golf stick is to first know the types of golf sticks themselves. For example, when you buy water on, which is generally sold in a set and usually consists of iron, wedge and 3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. You also should know the price of a standard set of golf sticks, which consist of 5 wood, 3 wood, driver. That way, you can compare each price of a set of golf bags.

Choose Shorter and Closed Driver
After knowing the various types of golf, the next step is when you want to buy a driver, then choose a driver that is shorter in size. Why is that? Because short size drivers are much better than those with longer sizes.

Pay attention to Loft at the Golf Stick
The next step in choosing a golf stick is to pay attention to the loft on a golf club. A loft is an angle on the front of a golf stick that is related to the vertical plane of the rod or shaft. The Loft itself is designed in a way that aims to adjust the expertise of golfers. Whether it’s amateur or beginner or professional golfer.

Don’t Forget to Watch the Length of the Golf Stick
Finally, you don’t forget to pay attention to the length of the golf stick you want to buy. The length of the golf club will determine how far you hit the ball.

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