History of Web Design and Development

At this time web design has been more sophisticated, the website display at this time is very good and nice to the eye, with a lot of elements, effects, colors, and ability to adjust to the width of the screen (responsive). But did you know the website first appeared about 25 years ago with the launch of HTML in 1990 and created the first website in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee? At that time the website is limited to text with a blue link to link between one page with another page, the appearance is still standard only, no columns, only the text is arranged down only. If you want to get the Best Website Design Company, you can visit our website.

The following year, in 1999, CSS3 was born, where the existing CSS was developed with the addition of new features that allow the look of the website looks more attractive.

It took 4 years after the introduction of CSS3 to the emergence of the term Web 2.0 where the various websites appear more dynamic where everyone can create a website and a specific profile page from just one website like Blogspot, WordPress, MySpace, Tumblr and do not forget there Friendster and Facebook, users The Internet at that time reached 782 million, and there are 38 million websites on the Internet.

In 2008 people began to be crowded with the term Open Source, and at that Mobile Web began to be known, because the development of communication technology to make the phone began to have sufficient ability, including can be used to access the internet.

In 2010, internet users are increasingly crowded, there are 2 billion Internet users worldwide and the number of websites is increasingly multiplied reaching 240 million. At that time also people began to know HTML5 which until now is still trend with a variety of sophistication, even to drown the power Flash to create web animation.

Now web design is getting more advanced, there is so many Web builder available on the Internet, making the website has been easier, even people who do not have the basics of programming can now easily create a website just by drag and drop the website is finished, and ready to use.

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