Get the Most of Your Window Cleaning Job

Besides being pleasing to the eye, sleek glass windows can also support the overall appearance of the house. It’s just that, sometimes the glass is dirty and stained. Stains on glass are caused by many things, one of which is water that settles attaches, and causes spots to appear. Other causes, moisture, and splashes of soap that make the glass blurry. There are three things you can use to clean the glass. The first is a cleaning liquid containing isopropyl alcohol. If you want to use the different product to clean the windows at your home, it sounds like a good idea to go online for h2o at home product reviews. With the simple research you do, it will help you know more about the product so that you will have no doubt to buy it.

These chemicals include substances that are often and widely used in glass cleaner mixtures. This alcohol can wrinkle minerals that don’t stick to the glass too much and can evaporate along with the evaporation of alcohol. In addition to isopropyl alcohol, ammonia can also be used to clean glass. Ammonia can destroy minerals that stick to the glass. Ammonia also forms a layer that slows the appearance of new stains on the glass. However, you should not use an ammonia-containing cleanser on colored glass. Because it will make the color fade.

Now, after choosing which liquid is right for your glass, you also need glass cleaning tools. Call it a sponge, squeegee, and fiber cloth. All three have different functions. Fiber cloth serves to remove dust and dirt on the glass so that no scratches occur. Usually, fiber cloth is used before the cleaning process. Sponges are useful for spreading soap and glass cleaning detergents and squeegee is useful for lifting the remaining soap so that there are no traces left on the glass or mirror.

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