Follow These Several Steps in Cleaning the Air Conditioner Filter

Air conditioner is a tool that is always available in every home and is always used to cool the air. This is certainly very important to have, especially for those who live in urban areas where the air is clearly always in a hot stage. For this reason, the air conditioner used must always be clean so that it can work properly. To clean the air conditioner, you can call the aircon service so that you can clean the air conditioner perfectly.

One of the parts that must not be cleaned is a filter. Apparently, cleaning the filter is also not difficult as long as you follow some of these methods.

1. Open the air conditioner filter
To clean the filter, the first thing to do is to open the filter section. The process of dismantling this air conditioner may be difficult. You will need special equipment. But now more and more air conditioners are designed to be easily opened. So even though you are alone, you can do it without feeling difficult.

2. Use a Vacuum Cleaner or Wipe to Clean the air conditioner
After the air conditioner has been successfully opened, it is time to clean the air conditioner filter. Maybe you will need some equipment to thoroughly clean the air conditioner. But you can start by cleaning the dust using a vacuum cleaner. If there is still dust attached, use a clean cloth to perfect. In order for the filter cleaning process to be easier, there is one tip to treat the air conditioner that must be considered. Do not wait until dust accumulates. Thus, cleaning the air conditioner will feel easier.

3. Return the Filter to the Original Place
If the filter has been cleaned and is free of dust, you can return it to its original place. Make sure all components are back and installed properly. Next, you can test it by turning on the air conditioner. If the air feels cold and refreshed, the process of cleaning the air conditioner is done.
Applying tips on caring for air conditioner regularly can extend the life of the tool.

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