Events and exhibitions can be started with the small ones

Do not imagine that event is a big event organized by your company. The event can be started from small things. For example, what is often done by a motorcycle sales company is to ask permission of village officials to use the field. There for a few hours, they held a quiz show while offering motorcycle loans with a very low down payment. How to attract people to come in to share the lottery to get the door prizes, or by using loudspeakers and dangdut singers who become the taste of most people. Or you can also sponsor a particular event held in the public space. Meanwhile, you can also print your product’s and sponsor’s names at the Custom made inflatable tents, marquees, and even arches to attract more visitors.

In addition to events that do require funds, we also encounter offline promotion efforts by a seller when there is a particular community who are gathered.

Well, that was some way of offline promotion that proved still effective to do. However, we do have to take advantage of any promotional opportunities that exist, either online or offline. Promotion is very important to do because once again the main purpose is to put your brand name or brand of product in the public mind. When the public perception of the brand is good, then increased sales are things you will undoubtedly find.

Aside from that, If you are budgeting big enough funds for promotion, this one method maybe you can try. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most effective methods since almost everyone passing through the road will read it even if only briefly. Usually indeed who promote business or product on billboards, especially large ones on crowded streets, is a company that is already big. The strategy is not to put too many words in the ad, make sure the audience can understand your product only from the pictures that exist. Even if there are words, make sure the word is very effective to describe your

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