Don’t Doubt the Power of Optima Blue Top, Small but Tough

The Optima Blue Top name in the marine world is indeed familiar. For those who live in the US, Optima Blue Top is one of the choices of batteries installed in boats. As a brand that has long been circulating in the marine industry, the Optima Blue Top was chosen as one of the best trolling motor on a number of websites. Blue Top is designed specifically to drive a boat, while other Optima series are used to drive vehicles in general.

This time we will discuss Optima 8006-0060FFP 34M. This series weighs only 38 lbs with a length of about 10 inches and a height of fewer than 8 inches. Despite having a small size, this series of resistance to vibration is very good. As is known, high speed at sea can cause many vibrations that can damage the battery. So this Optimus series is designed to withstand vibrations when the boat moves at high speed.

This small battery shape is less suitable for large ships. This would be more suitable if installed in a small boat, such as a boat for fishing. But if you still want to install it on the ship, you are advised to use at least two batteries, because this battery has 800 CCA power with a 100-minute backup capacity. Actually, this size is pretty good for a starter motorbike.

You don’t need to worry about the engine warranty. Optima Blue Top provides a 2-year warranty. If you compare it with Vmax, Optima does have a greater degree of fame, so it dares to provide a longer warranty than Vmax. But what needs to be considered is to ensure that the Optima Blue Top includes a carrying strap to be tethered to larger vessels. Because if it is without a carrier strap, it will be difficult to carry it even though it is small and light. This is where Optima’s weaknesses often make customers have to buy additional straps separately.

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