Do you have to attach the cable to the plug with or without grounding?

Which two-legged plug is better to use if you want to work on your own cabling? Of course, it’s the plug which has been equipped to attach the ground wire in its inner part. A plug like that, usually, cylindrical and larger in size. So, the cable used is definitely must have 3 wire specifications in it. Aside from that, perhaps you must hire the trusted electrician singapore if you’ve got problems with electrical installations and appliances at home discover more here.

If indeed it must be so, why are there still many electronic devices equipped only by using flat-shaped plugs? And, in what cases should we use two wire cables?

I have seen a picture symbolizing the image of two square boxes, which are printed on the surface of a flat-legged, two-legged plug. The symbol means that the cable installed using the plug has double insulation. The function of double isolation here is similar to a ground wire. So, even though the cable only uses two wires, it still has the ability like a three-wire cable.

That is my understanding of the description of the meaning of the square symbol with the shape of the two boxes. Based on this understanding, I interpreted that a two-wire cable with its own specifications was needed to be attached to a flat-legged two-pointed plug. The goal is for electronic devices equipped with these plugs to be safe from short circuit effects.

Maybe this is how the flatly shaped plug should be used. Even so, I myself feel more secure using a cylindrical plug with a cable that has 3 wires inside.

2-wire cable (whatever specifications it has), for me, the importance of its use is limited to accommodating small-capacity electronic devices (with total <100 Watts), such as lights and fans. Besides that, it can also be used for the purpose of making a single switch connection.

Actually, a 2-wire cable can be used for the needs of electrical capacity> 100 Watts, or according to its current carrying capacity. As long as we understand the importance and how to treat electricity flowing in a 2-wire cable, there is no problem using it to any extent.

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