Consuming Blood-Booster Medicine Recklessly May Damage Your DNA

Research conducted by Claire Shovlin of the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London found that blood-boosting drugs consumed by millions of people without a doctor’s prescription can damage the body in just 10 minutes. Apart from that, you might also need to take a look at the best and the most recommended extracción de ADN equipment for your lab.

Dr. Shovlin and his team tested the effect of high doses of these minerals on human endothelial cells, which connect arteries and veins. Ten minutes after they injected a high-dose blood-booster drug in the cell culture sample, there were signs of DNA damage to the walls of the two vessels. Endothelial cells appear to be quite sensitive to iron in excess amounts and can trigger damage to cells in just 10 minutes after the drug is taken.

Every cell in the body has an automatic program to improve itself. But Shovlin explained that when we add iron, the program becomes forced to work harder than usual. Not yet known exactly what the manifestation of DNA damage to the walls of blood vessels is due to an overdose of iron intake. Further research is still needed on the impact of cell damage to a greater extent.

However, some people who took iron supplements for the condition of telangiectasia hemorrhagic, a congenital abnormality in blood vessels reported experiencing nosebleeds more often after taking the drug.

How do I not get side effects?

Except for those of you who are pregnant, severe menstruation, or other symptoms of anemia, you can get enough iron by eating iron-rich foods such as beef and fish, vegetable products such as spinach to nuts products. You can also eat cereals that contain iron.

In addition to eating foods and drinks that contain iron, you also need to consume enough vitamin C. Vitamin C serves to help absorb iron in the body.

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