Consider these if you want to build a loft

Increasing number of family members is usually the reason why you want to expand your home. But the limited landholdings make it impossible to expand the room unless you take advantage of space under the roof or loft. In the meantime, you can also go to loft conversions in kent if you’re looking for a professional help in getting the recommended loft.

loft usually becomes a narrow place and only used as a warehouse. However, you can design the loft into a comfortable room to rest

Here are the things you need to pay attention to when designing the loft.t

Roof Height

The height of the roof is one of the main considerations when creating a loft for the bedroom. If the roof height is very low, then it is no longer possible to serve as a new area.

Therefore, the roof of the house that can be used as a minimum of 2.4 meters, calculated from the ceiling or ceiling up to the bottom point of the roof frame. But if the loft is used for children, then the height of 2 meters has become a minimum height.

Minimize Heat

The room in the loft is usually very hot due to sunlight and poor air circulation. If your house faces to the north to south, then your loft will not feel too hot. But if the opposite, then the solution is you can break the wall to turn it into a glass window that can be opened and closed.

Then, you can add additional insulation materials to the tile, such as polyurethane, aluminum foil, or glass wool, just below the zinc and tile layers. In addition, there is good building construction and roof loft walls made of materials that are not easy to deliver heat to the loft area.


Access issues to the loft also need your attention. You must use a safe and comfortable ladder. Avoid stairs that are too narrow to climb because they will be dangerous if you slip on the way up or down.

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