Choosing The Right Floor For Your Residence

Have you seen Japanese-themed films that feature rooms with a warm atmosphere? Or maybe you’ve seen how elegant the living room in mansions in Hollywood movies? In any given room atmosphere, the floor is one of the most important building elements to consider. You can also go to the tile shop waterlooville if you’re looking for the best tiles for your floor.

There are aspects and types of floors that need to be considered before choosing the right floor type for your residence. Let’s discuss them one by one!

Ceramic floor

Ceramics is the most common type of floor. Made from clay material, ceramics are usually produced domestically so that they are quite affordable. Ceramics have a variety of colors, patterns, textures, and sizes.

If you are looking for a type of floor that does not require extra care, then ceramics is the right choice. Ceramic production technology now makes this material not easily scratched. You only need to sweep and mop it as usual.

Porcelain Floor

At first glance, the porcelain floor is similar to the ceramic floor. But if you look more observant, porcelain floors have a firmer pattern, now even porcelain floors with wood patterns are also available. Besides the porcelain floor has 2 types of finishing layers, namely glossy and matte. This is what makes porcelain floors look more luxurious compared to ceramic floors.

Judging from the specifications of the porcelain floor which is higher than the ceramic floor, of course, the price offered is also higher. Generally, porcelain floors measuring 30 × 30, 30 × 60, 60 × 60, up to 90×180. The bigger the size, the more expensive the price. Porcelain floors also have several levels of durability, making sure you choose the level that suits your space and occupancy needs.

Wooden floor

Solid wood flooring or often we hear as parquet flooring can be categorized as a luxurious and expensive flooring material. However, along with the development of technology, there are alternatives to solid wood floors, such as processed wood floors which are also commonly referred to as engineered wood or laminate wood. Treatment of processed wood floors is quite easy, you only need to sweep and mop it like on a ceramic floor. Whereas on solid wood flooring, you only need to sweep and mop it with a half wet cloth carefully.

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