Choose Watches Matched Your Skin Tone

Usually, women choose watches based solely on the model and appearance. But apparently, not all watches can match your skin color, you know. The mistakes can look less attractive and unsuitable. So let’s start now, choose your scandinavian watches according to skin color. Which one is suitable for you? For women who have tan or brown skin, dark watches are the ones that best match your skin tone. If you are a girl who likes watches with leather straps, you can choose a watch that is brown, black, or gray. This leather strap will also make you look classier, you know. Meanwhile, if you have a more masculine style, and like to wear watches with stainless steel material, you can choose a gold or rose gold color to match your skin tone link here.

Unlike the brown color, olive skin color tends to be lighter. This color also makes you more flexible in choosing the color of the clock. With this advantage, you can experiment with your watch style. Try getting out of your comfort zone by wearing a watch that has fun prints. Besides, usually, a watch with a motif will seem more stylish than a plain one, because it can replace the role of accessories in your daily appearance. But if you still prefer to wear a watch with a plain design. You can choose nude and beige colors that will look perfectly blended with your skin tone. It’s not that other colors can’t look fashionable when you wear them, it’s just that nude and beige colors will massage in harmony with your skin tone.

If you are a woman who has a dark skin color, you can choose a black watch that will look classy and sleek when you wear it. Besides, you can choose navy blue or maroon for other choices. If you prefer watches with stainless steel, you can choose a watch with a golden color. The gold color will make your skin tone look more exotic. Even with the model, it will be very easy to combine with various views. But to make your skin tone lighter, you can choose a watch that is lighter in color. If you are a fan of stainless steel watch designs, you can try wearing gold or silver.

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