Avoiding being involved in commission of criminal offense

You must be quite happy that you are accepted as a military service member of the United States. It seems necessary for you to understand of the codes that rule out your life as a military service member. Justice is supposed to be in any place including a military institution. One of the most popular codes in military institution is the Uniform Code of Military Justice or you may recognize articles of the UCMJ. In the UCMJ, you may find that the articles tend to be punitive. Here you should realize that you will not take in any part of association to perform any act against the code.

In the UCMJ’s point of view, no matter what your role is, you are going to be sentenced as a principal when you are found guilty on committing criminal offense. Although you only suggest or recommend the true offender, you are considered as the accessory after fact which is accused for tough punishment as well. For the maximum punishment, you can end up in jail for 10 years. That is certainly unfortunate to you. In this case, the worst point is that you have no idea about your military career.

If you still want to succeed in developing your military career, you should not get involved in any association that possibly commits to criminal offense. It is recommended for you to ask your friend the purpose if he or she asks for your help. It is not funny that you are sent in jail just because you do not know that there is the code that rules what you have done.

Another thing that you have to think is about your life after from prison. As you are canceled from a military institution, your surrounding people will response your status in some fashions. Thus, you should never think to commit to criminal offense as you want to be a successful service member.

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