About Typography that is Very Influential in Design


A design that you create certainly will not be separated from the typography that you apply in it. No exception, in the design of coins. There, you also have to pay attention and realize that the typography you choose should also match what is applied to the coin. by applying good typography, then later, the result of custom coins that you do will be very good and perfect.

If you are still confused, in fact, as important as what is typography for a design, then some of these things will be able to explain it to you. Some of these things are

– Understanding Typography
What is meant by typography is the letters used to select letters with the proper settings based on the available space. To create a good impression of typography is very important for the design that I make. That way will make someone who sees the design feel comfortable and can read the existing text to the maximum.

– Typography function
Typography in the world of graphic design is one of the most crucial elements and is also the most commonly used element to complete a design. Then, actually how to make a good typography for others who see it?
Some of these things might make you understand
1. Distance
The distance between letters should always be your attention because it will make other people feel comfortable or even disturbed when reading it. Do not let the font that you used too close together or even too tenuous because it will be very difficult to read. You have to make the right distance.
2. Font Type
You must use the right font type. The accuracy in choosing the type of font will facilitate the conveyance of the intent and message delivered in the design /
3. Bold And Size
This one feature can be used to determine which parts are important and need to be highlighted. That way, the main purpose of the design can be delivered very well.
4. Color
Determine the colors that good and in accordance with the concept.

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