A Teacher From China Rows His Boat For 10 Years For His Student’s Education

Infrastructure limitations are a matter of concern. Especially for rural areas. They are willing to walk tens of kilometers just to buy food or maybe go to school. However, because these rights sparked inspiring stories and endless struggles. The same thing happened in the Dazu area, Chongqing, China. A teacher for the past 10 years was willing to row a boat to bring his students to school. Aside from that, if you love kayaking, then perhaps you need to check out the best Kayak Parts for Sale Online.

Actually, this situation arose after the Three Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River was completed and fully operational in 2012. However, since the construction began in 1994, the water level around the Dazu district has risen and now around the area, the Xiangshuitan dam has been established. Unfortunately, the Dazu district children’s school is opposite the new dam. To reach school, the children need two hours to circle the dam.

In 2007, Li Congshu (60) had the idea of making a wooden boat. Without hesitation, he used his own money to make a boat. After the boat was finished, Li then used it to pick up his students. By boat, the trip to the school only takes about 30 minutes.

Not only providing a boat, but Li also prepared a life jacket for the safety of his students. Every morning, Li left his home at around 07.30 local times and walked 20 minutes to the dock where the boat was moored. He then began rowing to the other side of the dam to pick up the 13 students who were waiting. After school hours, Li then drove the children home.

All Li did voluntarily and without charging anything at all. When asked why he was willing to row to pick up his students, Li only said he was happy to see the children able to study at school.

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