5 Tricks you need to get rid of ants

You might be tempted to use chemicals that contain pesticides to eradicate ants instantly. However, the pesticide itself is dangerous for humans and the surrounding environment. Well, this time we will share an easy trick to eradicate the herd of ants to the nest, which of course is without harmful chemicals. Come on, see the following explanation. Meanwhile, you can visit trappedia.com to find out more traps to get rid of other pests.

1. A solution of water and soap can break down the outer shell wax layer on the ant which will make it dehydrated and die slowly

Mix enough water and detergent or soap, put it in a spray bottle to make it easy to use. Spray this liquid directly into the ant horde, enter the ant or nest.

2. Besides being able to smell fresh in the house, squeezing lemon juice is also effective in preventing ants who don’t like the citric acid

Mix lemon juice with enough water put it in a spray bottle and use it as a multifunctional spray solution that can be applied in every corner of the room.

3. Salt or pepper can also repel naughty ants that disturb your comfort at home. Just try it!

Simply spread salt or pepper in the corner of the room and ant nests. Alternatively, dissolve salt or pepper with hot water then spray it into the area that many ants visit.

4. Do you know what? Baby powder is very effective at stopping ant attacks, ants hate the smell of powder and starchy ingredients

Sprinkle baby powder wherever you see ants and their nests. All types of flour will make it move away and stay away. Especially those that have a distinctive aroma like powder for example.

5. Who would have thought, ants do not like coffee powder and its strong aroma, which will interfere with the senses of sight of ants

Sprinkle coffee powder in places where ants often pass and in the nest, ants will not be interested in approaching these places. Coffee grounds sprinkled in the garden will also keep ants away from plants.

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