3 Tips to become a successful merchant on Amazon

With these six essential elements, the success of building a store in the Amazon is not something impossible anymore. Check out our tips below. In the meantime, you can also hire the licensed Amazon consultant to boost your sales on Amazon.


As a seller on Amazon, the product description is number one. The product feature definition should contain an informative list that includes usability, benefits and so on. Without it, consumers will quickly switch to another store that will provide what they are looking for.

When potential customers visit your page, they want to know if your product characteristics match their needs. For each product, you sell, cover every aspect of your merchandise.

Provide a description that covers aspects of your product’s benefits and uniqueness compared to competitors’ products. If necessary make a list. Create a title in the list that contains product features.


Images can be modified into weapons to attract visitors. Not only in social media marketing or in content marketing, the Amazon image also has power.

When was the last time you bought anything from Amazon without reference from the picture?

Consumers buy products online, of course, want to know exactly what they buy. If there’s a slight difference when a product gets to the consumer with its online display, it can hurt your subscription.

Always include high-quality and up-to-date images on your stuff list. Pack the images so they can be viewed from different angles, and do not forget to include the features.

The more images you have, the better.


Although a well-known product is accompanied by a detailed description, light questions about the product will surely come to the minds of some consumers.

When ordering products, there are smart consumers looking for answers to their own questions. On the other hand, there are consumers who need answers to questions regarding their order products.

For this reason, Q (question) and A (answer) become part of the benchmark for success of a sales strategy. This section will make consumers feel more comfortable with the products they have purchased.

Reassure your customers through the detailed explanation that is included in the item packing when shipping to the destination.

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