3 Tips for reviewing a movie

We will try to share some tips on how to write a good movie review. These tips are always used in every review writing. Not that we feel our movie review is good, it’s just that we always run these tips so that reviews that we write can always be better in the future. This can be useful if you’re going to visit a film festival soon, so you can assess the movies properly.


Find information on related movies from Wikipedia, media, from friends, or from IMDB. In the era of the internet and the increasingly open information flow as it is today, we can easily find reliable sources to complement our review. Information that can be searched among others is: the name of the player, the director, the source of the film is adapted from another material, or films similar to the film we discussed.

In search of information also allows us to provide value added to the readers. Sort of giving trivia, or for example if we want to review Avengers: Age of Ultron, discuss a little about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So in addition to providing reviews and movie references, we can also provide added value or knowledge to the readers.


The easy way is to write notes while watching. But the dark atmosphere in the cinema makes it difficult for us to write, using mobile phones to write notes is also highly discouraged because it can interfere with other audiences.

The elements discussed should be very interesting and indeed the characteristics of the film. For example, if watching Gravity, the visual element should not be forgotten. Or if we watch a popcorn movie like Fast and Furious do not go into too much detail about acting issues, but review the action scene and its special effects issue.


Use time as best as possible in writing a review. A good review is not the first review to publish. It’s human nature if we are in a hurry in doing something the result cannot be maximized. Even if possible, watch a few times until we fully understand the movie to be reviewed.

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